Through our small foundation, we are committed to supporting causes that are dear to us, in particular the protection of animals and the planet.

Our activity is not necessarily in adequacy with ecology, but we try to adopt as much as possible our footprint on the planet by adopting gestures to limit the pollution of our products to the maximum.

We create kits that allow us to raise funds to support associations that act for causes that are dear to us.

Here are the kits created and the associations we support: 

🌺 Moby - SPCA Animal Protection Service (Canada, France, USA)

🌺 The Night of the Orcas - The Whale Sanctuary Project (Canada, USA)

🌺 Sainte Justine Hospital (Montreal, Canada)

🌺 Necker Hospital / Main dans la Main et Solidaires (Paris, France)

🌺 Robert Debré Hospital / Robert Debré Association (Paris, France)

You can also contact us directly or contact the associations to make a one-time, monthly or annual donation.