Here we will explain all the improvements that have been made to our products.

💎 For starters, we replaced all of our old square diamonds with new resin ultra-bright and excellent quality diamonds.
💎 All layouts have been manually reworked one by one to bring you an incredible rendering.
💎 The grid of our kits has once again been improved to provide you with the most accurate and pleasing laying experience diamond experience possible.
💎 We've added colors, including beautiful diamonds AB.
💎 The plastic film of protection of our canvases has been improved to avoid rivers and other crevices.
💎 The roadmap self-adhesive labels have evolved and you can now find pre-cut labels to make it easier to prepare your kits.

💎 Our kits come with teverything you need to make your diamond painting.

Discover the new Oraloa adventure now.