Diamond Painting: Adrian Chesterman

Adrian Chesterman

Adrian Chesterman studied fine art at the Norwich School of Art and illustration at the Royal College of Art in Kensington, London. Since leaving the R.C.A., Chesterman has worked in almost every aspect of the art world.

As an illustrator, he has worked for just about everyone, on just about everything, just about everywhere. Advertising illustrations for "Jurassic Park" for Stephen Spielberg in Los Angeles, the sets for "Sunset Boulevard" for Andrew Lloyd-Weber in Frankfurt. Advertising commissions include "Coca Cola" in Atlanta, "Southern Sun hotels" in Cape Town and video game illustrations for "Nintendo" in Chicago. Designs and visualizations for original theme parks in the United Arab Emirates and China, "Spiderman" games for MGA in Los Angeles, and in the last ten years, Rolls Royce's Aero-Engine Division in London asked him to illustrate nearly 50 pages for "Flight" magazine.

Recent projects include the creation of the gigantic illustration of the world's largest puzzle, commissioned by Educa Boras in Barcelona. At an incredible 33,600 pieces and measuring 2 by 6 meters, it depicts a jungle scene full of detail. We also created a series of covers for the "Armchair Reader" paperback series published by Publications International in Illinois, as well as all 21 covers for the "Famous Five", the classic series by Enid Blighton. Saatchi & Saatchi's in Sidney just commissioned a series of Toyota Landcruiser illustrations for the 2015 Sidney Auto Show, and Seaworld in the U.S. just commissioned a poster for its new "Turtle World" theme water park in San Diego.

Chesterman has also illustrated book covers for Jackie Collins, Jack Higgins and Dick Francis, numerous children's books about dinosaurs and an illustrated children's encyclopedia. He has illustrated countless music album covers, including "Bomber" for Motorhead, "The meaning of Life" for the Monty Python team and "The Road to Hell" for Chris Rea. He also illustrated an animated video for "Baby's coming back" by the Eurythmics and even built and painted a real skull guitar for the new romantic band "Adam and the Ants".

Portraiture is another of Chesterman's artistic directions. Previous commissioners include Prince Adan Czartoryski-Bourbon, cousin of King Juan Carlos of Spain, Mikael Baryshnikov, the ballet dancer, a certain captain of the Welsh Guard, some Hollywood actors, countless children, cats, dogs and a horse named George. Oh... and a nude portrait of "Wolf", the TV "gladiator", who somehow ended up on page 5 of a national newspaper, but the less said the better!

Chesterman had his first exhibition of paintings at Liberty's in Regent Street while still at the Royal College of Art, and went on to show at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and Gallerie Schémes in Lille, France, the International Contemporary Art Fair in Olympia, Spinks, Kensington Town Hall and BBC Centre in London, Batey Gallery in Singapore, Madison Gallery in Los Angeles, and many countries in Spain. He has participated in The Riverside Show, 01 for London, Artrage and other art programs in the UK, as well as television programs in Spain.
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Diamond Painting: Agustini


Agustini is an Italian-born Quebec artist with a passion for digital and fantasy art. Having lived in a fantasy world since childhood, Agustini now brings his art to the general public.
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Diamond Painting: Akira Amaya

Akira Amaya

Akira Amaya, born in 1987 in Japan, is an artist who has made a significant impact in the world of digital illustration with her distinctively charming and cute style. From an early age, Akira was captivated by the power of imagery to tell stories and create enchanting worlds. She grew up in a picturesque small town in Japan, where she was often found with a pencil in hand, sketching the landscapes and characters from her rich imagination.

Over the years, Akira developed a unique style marked by bright colors, playful patterns, and an inimitable 'cute' quality. Her works are a harmonious blend of Japanese pop culture and contemporary influences, often capturing moments of joy and innocence.

Despite her reluctance to discuss her academic background, Akira has demonstrated a profound understanding of digital illustration techniques. She has combined her natural talent with technical mastery, allowing her to create works that are both expressive and technically impressive.

Akira began her career by sharing her creations on online platforms, where she quickly gained a dedicated fan base.

Akira Amaya continues to captivate and inspire with her distinctive style, proving that digital art can be both deeply personal and universally appealing. Her journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and a passion for art.

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Diamond Painting: Al Hogue

Al Hogue

Al Hogue describes his art and his philosophy in one word: “light,” calling it the “reflection of nature, of life itself.” Since his childhood, Hogue has found visual media much more conducive to his dyslexic artistic nature than words. He creates his a world of peace in his artwork, using his mastery of color and light to relieve his own stresses and that of others. Hogue uses his art to heal: his work was used in hospital studies and was found to assist in physiologically healing and now decorates hundreds are hospital rooms across the country. Additionally, Hogue’s work can be found in private and public collections in the USA and all around the world.
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Diamond Painting: Alex Levin

Alex Levin

Alex Levin (born 1975) is an acclaimed artist from Kiev, Ukraine. He has displayed his work in private and public collections across the world, including the U.S., Israel, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and Ukraine. Levin’s art spans surrealism and realism, and he uses a range of techniques, including oil, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, and tempera paints. He particularly likes the 16th-century multi-layering technique that uses tempera and oil without brush strokes.


After serving three years in the Israel Army, Levin immigrated to Israel and studied industrial and web design. He was mentored by Professor Baruch Elron, the Chairman of the Israel Artist Association, for over 10 years. Levin’s work has been acknowledged by many influential figures, including: actor and producer Richard Gere, Madonna, jazz player Oscar Peterson, and former president of Israel Ezer Weizman.

For over 10 years, Alex was studying new art styles and techniques with Professor Baruch Elron who was the Chairman of Israel Artist Association.

Currently Alex Levin is working on the following themes: “Tradition of Jewish Heritage“, “Tel Aviv – The Hill of Spring“, “Venice through the mask’s eyes“, “Symphony of Rain“, “Roots” and “Colors of Judaism“. 

Tradition of Jewish Heritage” is a collection of work of Jerusalem’s holy Western Wall and its surrounding religious neighborhood. Levin has captured the inhabitants of Jerusalem’s ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, Jewish Attributes and the people at the Western Wall. In 2007 Alex received the Medal Award for the Contribution to the Judaic Art from the Knesset.

Tel Aviv – The Hill of Spring” is inspired by his favorite season, and is devoted to Tel Aviv – its people, building architecture, sea and beaches.  It depicts people against snow white buildings on sunny days with clear skies. 

Venice through the mask’s eyes” takes a completely unique approach and presents the viewer with the most prominent feature of Venetian carnival – the Mask. His earlier paintings from “Mask collection” were introduced in 2002 in Venice and gained Levin a scholarship to Venice Academy of Art. The program supported artist’s continuing development and enables them to devote substantial time to the creation of new work.

Symphony of Rain“. Each paintings was inspired by the music of different composers.
One painting completes the other, one composer is replaced by another, the misty morning transforms into a rainy evening and star-filled sky over the lagoon: a puzzle of forty paintings describing the dream-city on water – VENICE!

Colors of Judaism“ It helps me a lot when I present the ancient sacred prayers of the Jews, for a thousand years, I have the most important task – to pour out all this spirit, all the tears shed by the Jews mourning for the destroyed Temple. One fine day, I really wanted to depict all the millennia of Jewish history on canvas. This series is now in full swing, it will consist of 50-60 paintings, today there are already 20. People perfectly feel the good magical aura and energy emanating from my drawings, which is insanely pleasant, I am doing my job with all my heart.

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Diamond Painting: Alicia Patson

Alicia Patson

Alicia Patson, a 34-year-old American illustrator, has made a significant mark in the realm of enchanted digital art. Born in 1990 in the United States, Alicia developed an early passion for drawing and digital painting. Her unique style blends elements of fantasy with a touch of realism, making her popular across various artistic platforms.

Over the years, Alicia specialized in creating digital artworks that captivate the imagination, often drawing inspiration from nature and the supernatural. Her illustrations are famed for their ability to transport viewers to fantastical worlds, skillfully blending dream and reality.


Currently residing in San Francisco, Alicia continues to push the boundaries of her art while inspiring a new generation of digital artists.

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Diamond Painting: Alida Akers

Alida Akers

Alida Akers is a native of South Central Kentucky, USA. She would never have had the opportunity to sell her work to art collectors in Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and other states in the United States had it not been for exposure on the Internet.
I received my first formal art training at Western Kentucky University, where I graduated with a degree in Education and Fine Arts, double majoring in painting and drawing. I received art training of a different kind during my graduate studies at Case Western University in Cleveland, OH, where I studied medical illustration.
Currently, I spend most of my studio time on three different series of paintings. The first, Ode to the Deco Cottage, is inspired by the fantastic art deco pottery of British designer Clarice Cliff. These paintings are done in acrylic on canvas and feature whimsical landscapes in bright colors. The second series is called Moorcroft Musings and is inspired by Arts and Crafts era painting and early Moorcroft pottery glazes. The third series, titled Storybook Cottage Series, is done in watercolor and is inspired by storybooks and vintage greeting cards. It depicts small red-roofed cottages that symbolize home and hearth and offer a peaceful respite from the outside world.
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Diamond Painting: Amandine Jung

Amandine Jung

Born in 1987, in Brittany, in the land of fairies and korrigans, Amandine Jung is enchanted by tales and legends, wacky nursery rhymes, and cartoons of all kinds. She keeps her childlike soul in a world that she imagines dark and poetic. In her imagination, the sun can disappear to make way for the moon, Snow White can bite into a pearl apple, and a little shrew flies curiously through the sky. Going from a simple image in her head to giving it form is a difficult creative process. Amandine plays with the paint, the lines and her ideas. She feeds off the smallest word, a tiny note of music, a sweet spicy smell, the sound of rain falling on the ground, the autumn leaves singing in the Breton forests, the moon that makes her dreamy, the simplest image and her overflowing imagination does the rest.

Since 2018, the artist has ventured into the world of coloring and unveiled a new talent for making coloring books for adults. In 2020 comes out his first book "Snow White, the Poisoned Princess", followed in 2021 by "Cinderella and the Halloween Ball", in 2022 "Pinups, Hors série 2022" marks the beginning of his consecration, his name begins to resonate everywhere.

In October 2022, for Halloween, Amandine Jung offers a brand new adventure with her first novel "Chrysalide, Conte 1 : Le Coma Noir". She takes us on a journey through a poetic and fantastic tale in the Moon Kingdom, a sunless world dominated by eternal night.

November 2022, in her third coloring book, Amandine Jung dives into the famous tale of Hans Christian Andersen. This time, it is between land and sea that Amandine invites us to travel. Through her illustrations, imprinted with her unique and dreamlike vision, rediscover this wonderful tale of our childhood: "The Little Mermaid". Page after page, while brushes and pencils dance, relive the bewitching and tragic story of the little Ondine, which inspired many writings, from yesterday to today.
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Diamond Painting: Anaïs Verdier

Anaïs Verdier

Self-taught, I embarked on the adventure of illustration a short time ago.

Since the end of 2019, I collaborate with authors who wish to have their book illustrated and in parallel I also propose drawings which are part of two collections;

the collection "des Câlins
and the collection " Un instant dans le vent ".
All the original paintings are made from acrylic and watercolor. The illustrations of the 2 collections are reproduced in art stationery in the form of cards, bookmarks, pocket books and on wooden toys (puzzles, dominoes and memo) and are sold by a hundred partners with whom I work.

I am releasing my first book as a publishing house in November 2022. For this first book, which is a cooperative book, you will be able to discover the expression of 24 authors who wrote stories inspired by my illustrations. This book will be for young people, entirely made in France and will be in large format with 27 full page illustrations.

I hope that the adventure will continue for a long time, thank you for having read these few words
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Diamond Painting: Andy Russell

Andy Russell

Born in Buffalo, New York in 1945, Andy has always had a love of art and for creating imaginative lands of well-being.  As a boy, he often entertained the neighborhood kids with his clay model cities of unique architectural structures.

Finger-painting in kindergarten was his first and last encounter with formal art training and he still uses this technique today to smooth and blend paint.  Andy's love of art and creativity was shared and encouraged by his aunt, a painter and architectural draftsperson.  Even though he held such non-art related jobs as steel worker, life insurance salesman, field investigator, car rental manager, and electronic parts salesman, this could not stifle the passion and desire Andy had for pursuing his dream.

At about age thirty, having dabbled in various self-improvement techniques, Andy began to experience dream after dream of incredible lands of peace, beauty, and tranquility where one could skate across the landscape on thin air or soar into the sky to see the splendor below.  There was beautiful, unique foliage and incredible architecture. He had many of these dreams, which inspired him to share them with the world through his art. From his dreams he was able to develop his own unique style.

Once his art style was established, he began to mix in his own imagination and experiences.  He would see something and immediately transform it into his own original dreamscape style.  A glazing technique of layering thin washes of color over another proved to be the best technique to achieve that soft illuminated effect. The colors seem to glow within, enhancing the dreamlike quality.  Andy began showing and selling his work gradually at first.

Demand for his art increased to the point where, in 1991, he took the leap to full-time artist and hasn't looked back since. Traveling became an enjoyable way to experience new ideas as well as sell his work.  As his travel experiences expanded, so did his palette. He began painting the warm colors of the Arizona red rocks and the cool tropical colors of Maui beaches.

Experiencing new places helped deepen his understanding of life - its harmony, its varied means of expressing beauty, its constant change, and the miracle of underlying energy. 

Today, Andy is a signature member of the National Acrylic Painters Association (NAPA) with headquarters in England and a member of the Buffalo Society of Artists. His artwork is well represented in

corporate and private collections in the United States and abroad including GTE, Aero Instruments and Avionics,  Armand Castellani (Castellani Art Museum), General Motors, and celebrity artist Peter Max.

Andy's work is constantly evolving, yet always hanging on to that dream-like quality.  If asked how he feels about his painting, he would reply, "My dreams have definitely come true!"

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Diamond Painting: Angelo Bonito

Angelo Bonito

Angelo J. Bonito, an architect and a self-taught artist, lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Bonito has been a professional illustrator and artist for more than 30 years, working for international advertising agencies and publishers in Brazil since he was 15 years old. Bonito has received many honors for his work, like: The 2004 Grand Prize Columnist Brazil for his printed media artwork; The Gold Medal -1985 in the “Illustration category” - Clube de Criação São Paulo (CCSP) and also was the artist of two Golden Highly Recommended books nominated by the Brazil National Book Foundation Children and Youth. As an extraordinarily diverse artist, Bonito works with 3D digital imaging software as well as with traditional materials and techniques such as oil, acrylic and watercolor.
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Diamond Painting: Brigid Ashwood

Brigid Ashwood

Hi! I’m Brigid. I’m a full-time professional artist (that’s a sentence that would blow the mind of my twelve-year-old self).

I'm not great at writing these kinds of get-to-know-me bios, so I figured I'd just answer some frequent questions I get asked. If you've got a question for me, get in touch.

Did you go to art school?

Well, it's a bit of a yes and no situation for me. I actually got a scholarship offer to the Corcoran School of Art, but unfortunately, I couldn't afford it even with the scholarship. So, instead, I went to community college for a while and also attended the Maryland College of Art and Design. Although I didn't end up graduating with a degree, I had some awesome professional artists in my family while growing up. My step-great-grandfather, George Bockius, was a huge influence on my artistic development as a kid. My parents were supportive too, and I got to take private art classes as a child, where I learned all about watercolor, oils, acrylic, and more. Unfortunately, after years of traditional painting, I developed some nasty sensitivities to the chemicals, so I had to switch to digital art for the sake of my health. Learning digital art was a process of taking online classes, reading books, and tons of practice. In 2016, I became a Corel Painter* Master, which was pretty cool.

So, how did you get started?

Well, I began my career as a graphic designer using Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. I designed stuff for websites and print media, all while pursuing my fine art on the side. Eventually, I discovered the world of art licensing and realized I could make use of my graphic design skills to create fine art that would appeal to a broader market. I try to create diverse collections of art that cover various styles and subjects while keeping up with trends and maintaining a consistent appeal. And you know what? Here I am, twenty years later, with a successful art licensing career.

You're probably wondering how I actually make money, right?

Well, I earn a living as an artist by having a diverse range of styles and themes in my artwork and by selling it in various ways.

First and foremost, I license my art to manufacturers. Basically, companies that make things like jigsaw puzzles, diamond dot kits, calendars, cross-stitch patterns, jewelry, clothing, home decor, and more, pay me to use my designs on their products. This is where the majority of my business comes from.

But that's not all! I also sell my work on my Etsy shop. I've partnered with a professional printer to create awesome stuff like t-shirts, zipper pouches (perfect for tarot bags), coffee mugs, wall art, shirts, kitchen stuff, and tote bags. When you buy from my Etsy shop, these items are drop-shipped right to your doorstep.


*Corel Painter is a digital painting program for PC and Mac. It’s the first digital painting program I fell in love with. I now exclusively paint in Procreate on iPad.

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Diamond Painting: Bruce Kaiser

Bruce Kaiser

Automotive artist, Bruce Kaiser has had a passion for drawing, sketching designing and painting cars since he could hold a pencil. He loves painting hot rods, drag cars, muscle cars, sports cars, Indy cars, Formula One...any kind of car as long as it's cool, loud and fast. He grew up in the 60s hanging out at the local A&W Drive-In first on his bike and later with his first cars. It was the golden age of Detroit's great muscle cars and the images and sounds of hot cars under the lights at a local hamburger place still influence Bruce today. Bruce strives to capture those perfect summer nights as he remembers them in his paintings. The local drag strip had drag racing Friday nights and he spent many nights there trying to catch the excitement of 60s-70s funny cars and dragsters under the lights on film and now with brush and paint. His paintings feature the great muscle cars and hot rods like GTOs, Camaros, Hemi-Cudas, Novas, Chevelle SS, Mustangs, 32 Ford coupes, Yenko Camaros, Super Bees, 40 Ford Coupes and many more. Bruce likes to show the cars in his paintings as he remembers them as a kid, not as pristine new muscle cars, but as cars that were modified and raced like a SS Chevelle with mags or a 55 Chevy with cut out fenders. Many of his hot rod and muscle car paintings are for sale as limited edition signed and numbered prints.

He began his art career as an advertising artist and graphic designer after graduating from the Art Institute of Boston. After 16 years with a local ad agency, he struck out on his own and currently creates advertising art and illustrations for many street rod, muscle car and race car equipment manufacturers. His commercial art, including cut-a-ways, exploded views, line art and full color illustration has appeared in most major street rod and muscle car enthusiast magazines and his catalog designs have won numerous trade association awards.

The painting process

Bruce's paintings are painted the same size or larger the the finished art print. He likes to paint large so he can capture the details that make his paintings special. Bruce strives to make his paintings as technically accurate as possible and spends a lot of time researching each subject (which is the fun part because he gets to go through his old magazines). The paintings are done using an opaque water color called "Designers Gouache" on a smooth professional illustration board. The smooth illustration board has a very fine tooth that gives a nice texture to the brush strokes yet holds a sharp edge for fine detail. An air brush is used for the smooth blending of a car finish. He uses Designers Gouache because of the bright colors and crisp details that are possible and Bruce loves the 60s automotive advertising art and architectural renderings that were created with it. One drawback to opaque water colors is that it is hard to make changes or correct mistakes.

Bruce began exhibiting his fine art with the first Hot Rod Heritage Fine Art Exhibit in 1986 at the Las Vegas SEMA show, where he has since been a feature artist. He has also been a featured artist at the Gallery Automania Hot Rod Heritage Art Exhibit in Rochester, Michigan. His painting "Jim Hogg County" was the first art ever used on he cover of Street Rodder Magazine. He has also written and illustrated articles that have appeared in Street Rodder and Custom Rodder Magazines. He was commissioned by Group Promotions to do the cover illustration for the book "Road Rockets", one of the titles in a limited edition collection of author Henry Gregor Felsen's famous early 60s teenage Hot Rod novels. He also does automotive design and concept renderings for custom car builders like Posies Rods and Customs.

Bruce also lettered and created graphics and murals for race cars, vans and bike tanks, air brushed the "Chrome" detail on funny car bodies and done hot rod flame jobs "back in the day". In addition to his automotive art, Bruce enjoys creating science fiction and aerospace paintings and has been published in the National Space Society Magazine. He's an avid fan of F1, Indy cars, NASCAR and Drag Racing. He also loves the great American and European classics, sports cars and vintage racing cars. Bruce lives north of Albany, New York with his wife Tina and their two Westie dogs and has a son, Warren. He and his wife enjoy wrenching on their collection of old cars and taking her 67 Rambler Rogue convert (401 and 2-4bbls!) on road trips, shows and cruises.

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Diamond Painting: Carolyn Steele

Carolyn Steele

I am a snorkaholic. The very first time I put on a mask and discovered the magical underwater world of the reefs, I was hooked forever. It was the experience of snorkeling that really opened my eyes to the diversity of nature as a whole. I am still inspired by the amazing color, complexity, and beauty of the wildlife I have observed during my years of travel in the Caribbean. My images are composed of elements that a nature lover might encounter on a morning walk or an afternoon of snorkeling.
I grew up in England, and as a young girl I took private art classes in the countryside where I created detailed studies of wildlife in various media. My father, also an artist, inspired and encouraged me from the beginning. I began painting Caribbean pictures in 1992 as a way to extend the memories of my visits to the Caribbean.

I have a background in graphic design, which has helped me develop a sense of composition, an important element in all my paintings. In graphic design/lithography, I was limited in my use of color. Painting the tropics has allowed me to unleash my creativity. I like to work large. I rarely work under 18 x 24 inches, and most of my paintings are on 22 x 30 inch, 300 pound watercolor paper.

I am committed to nature education and conservation, so I donate a portion of my profits to wildlife and reef preservation projects. I hope that my work will decorate and enhance an appreciation for the incredible variety and fragility of the biosystems I paint. The majority of the species represented here are native to the Caribbean, and many of them are endangered.
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Diamond Painting: Ciro Marchetti

Ciro Marchetti

Ciro Marchetti is a Italian-born British graphic designer whose professional career after graduating from Croydon College of Art, England, in the mid seventies, has included working in Europe, South America and the US.
Since 1992 he's been based in Miami FL as president of Graform International, a design group with affiliate offices in Caracas and London.
This role requires a direct involvement in a variety of projects and services that include packaging, corporate identity, print and multimedia for a number of domestic and international clients.
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Diamond Painting: Claudia McKinney

Claudia McKinney

My mission is to create meaningful art that I hope will inspire you.

I am the mother of four beautiful children and the wife of Michael.

I live on a small ranch in Southern California with two dogs, five chickens, a rooster and two turkeys.

I accept orders for personal or commercial use.

In recent years I have had great success in getting my work published around the world. Through this, I have found ways to share what God has done in my life.

Some of the finished artwork acts a bit like a written journal...describing what I was thinking, feeling or praying about. Joys, sorrows, expectations - in each of my works.

In 1998, I was suddenly struck by a serious illness and went blind - it's a long story, but let's say I had a miracle. I was told that I would not live to see my daughter reach adulthood and then, by the grace of God, and the intercession of St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, I was miraculously healed. Before that, I had never done any art as such (except what you do as a child or with your own children) - then after my miraculous healing - God led me to the work I do now. He had a plan for me. If you want the full story of my miracle, feel free to contact me. <3

I dedicate this site and my work to Christ - who has given me every success and blessing and has allowed me to provide for my family through the work I love most.
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Diamond Painting: CuteSpikeZ


CuteSpikeZ is a 32-year-old Spanish artist specializing in digital art of cute little things.
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Diamond Painting: Daniel Rodgers

Daniel Rodgers

Hello, my name is Daniel Rodgers,

I'm a freelance illustrator and artist that specialises in making illustrations on the realistic side of things. As you'll see through this site I like to work on a variety of subject matter from traditional Christmas cards to fantasy and scifi illustrations. Above all I find it most satisfying to inject some element of story into my work.

I live in England with my wife and two sons.
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Diamond Painting: David MacLean

David MacLean

For me, art is a place where I go to lose myself in a world of dreams. My mind sinks into a scene where my selfish thoughts cannot go and my imagination is free. Time stands still because I feel I am letting myself go to a place where I belong" David Maclean

It has been said that you either become an artist or you are born an artist. David Maclean was born an artist. David, a digital artist for the past 15 years and a traditional artist for the previous 25 years (paint and brush on an easel), currently lives among the vineyards and orchards with his wife Maryse, to whom he has been married for over 30 years, and they have three grown children. David is represented by one of the world's leading art licensing agencies (based in London, England), and has quickly become one of the most sought after artists in the past year. His work can now be seen all over the world. David's mother vividly remembers picking him up after his first day of school and taking him straight to an art supply store. She had seen what he had created in class, bright-eyed and proud, and knew she had to help him pursue his talent. Ask her and she'll tell you, "It was his destiny, he was an artist." And so it was.
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Diamond Painting: Dominic Davison

Dominic Davison

Dominic Davison was born in London, 1972 and now lives in Buckinghamshire, UK where he gets his inspiration for his idyllic and romantic scenes. He has been creating art for many years and in this time built up a loyal fan base, which now spans worldwide.

Prior to joining MGL he worked as a freelance artist, having his work published in magazines such as '3D Artist', and 'Advanced Photoshop'. This includes tutorials and double page galleries.

He also writes a regular column for '3D Artist'.His influences are varied and include landscape masters such as Barend, Cornelis, Koekkoek, Ruisdael, and Constable. Contemporary artists that inspired him include Keith Melling, Charles H. White and Terry Redlin.

His hobbies include the cinema, videogames, art galleries, and making music.

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Diamond Painting: Drazenka Kimpel

Drazenka Kimpel

Drazenka Kimpel is a self-taught, digital illustrator and painter. Her style of painting is greatly influenced by the Neoclassical and Pre-Raphaelite style masters, through their use of color and narratives. She is fond of fantasy as a base for her subjects, which gives her the freedom to depict her own visions, romantic undertones and human interaction.
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Diamond Painting: Eduard


Eduard is an internationally renowned artist. His reputation for creating captivating city scenes, enchanting landscapes and famous monuments is widely admired. Eduard has received worldwide recognition for his colorful and exciting works of art.
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Diamond Painting: Elara Hartley

Elara Hartley

Elara Hartley hails from the United Kingdom, a land steeped in folklore and rich history, which permeates her art. Drawing heavily the vibrant worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy literature, and Anime, Elara crafts narratives that inhabit a space between the real and the imagined.

Her art is a playground of captivating figures, each with wide, expressive eyes, that tell stories of powerful women navigating fantastical realms and futuristic settings. The presence of animals, both mythic and domestic, in her work, further enhances the narrative charm, reflecting Elara's affection for nature.

Though still emerging in the art world, Elara's distinctive style and thematic coherence mark her as a unique voice. She continues to create, nestled in her countryside studio, her imagination fueled by her surroundings, her vast collection of fantasy novels, and the companionship of her pets.
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Diamond Painting: Elena Burtasova

Elena Burtasova

I'm Elena Burtasova. I am a self-taught artist. I love creativity in any of its forms, since childhood I have been drawing, embroidering. Since 2017 I have been fond of coloring books for adults and in 2021 I released my first author's coloring book 'Tender Heart'. Also in 2020-2021 I illustrated 3 books for children. I like to draw sophisticated, gentle girls and cute animals. And I really happy my illustrations will be used for diamond painting.
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Diamond Painting: Elena Dudina Oraloa.

Elena Dudina

I was born in Russia. My father was a military man, a fighter pilot. So, as you can see, we moved around a lot. I spent my childhood and youth from one place to another.

From Estonia to Latvia, even from the Arctic to Ukraine and seven years in Siberia.

Living in Madrid (Spain) since 2002. My husband is Spanish and I love this country too.

I have always drawn and painted, since my childhood. I had this gift. In 2004 I also started sculpting until I discovered Photoshop. Since then, I work exclusively in this field. I think it's a summary of everything I did before.

Photomanipulation is my passion, but so is my work!

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Diamond Painting: Emanuela Mannello

Emanuela Mannello

Emanuela was born in 1986 in Rome, where she grew up, and now lives in Anguillara Sabazia, a small village on the coast of Lake Bracciano. She graduated from the International School of Comics, where she studied artistic drawing, graphic design and illustration. She is grateful that her family has always supported her. In the years following her studies, she has worked with a number of publishers and participated in various competitions. This year, the Sharjah Book Authority will be exhibiting her illustrations of "Beauty and the Beast". When she works on her illustrations, she lives in a magical world; music, Disney, the Victorian era and her favorite books are her inspiration! The usual method she uses in her work is digital art with photoshop and watercolor; she likes to refine her drawings with details. In her free time, Emanuela reads books, watches movies and TV shows and spends time with her best friends... they are her family! She is a Harry Potter fan and loves the geek world! She loves colors, nature, animals and her adorable cat Romeo.
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Diamond Painting: Emeé Fôrémar

Emeé Fôrémar

I graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Design of the UNAM in Mexico.
I have worked on music projects (Mexico and Luxembourg), educational projects (Mexico and Japan) and also on book covers (Mexico, USA and France). I have also collaborated with authors on a children's book and recently, I have illustrated poetry books (Norway and Sweden).
My artistic universe includes elements of astronomy, dreams and Mexican culture. The human condition and its relationship with nature are recurrent subjects in my drawings, but always with a dreamlike and melancholic approach.
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Diamond Painting: Fabiana Attanasio

Fabiana Attanasio

Fabiana Attanasio is an Italian illustrator based near Rome, Italy. She has a degree in illustration from the International School of Comics and illustrates children’s books and coloring books that have been published all over the world. She loves the feeling of using brushes and pencils, but she also works with digital media. She has illustrated several other books in the Mythographic series, including Paradise and Deep Blue.
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Diamond Painting: Gaelle Picard

Gaelle Picard

I am a great dreamer, drawing and graphic design are part of my life as a way to express myself.
I love to go back to my universe, it's like a parenthesis.

After my baccalaureate, I had the chance to study art, I seized my chance to launch myself, even if it is not always easy I do not regret.
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Diamond Painting: Gerald Newton

Gerald Newton

Gerald's passion for drawing and painting started in childhood.

After leaving school he attended The North Cheshire School of Art and Design, England and studied life drawing, general art, ceramics and photography. After completing this course he did an apprenticeship in printing and although he gained experience he decided this was not exactly the career for him. After some years working for himself as as an artist he decided to return to full time education and attended Plymouth University, Devon, England and studied graphic design. Following this course he attended Falmouth University, Cornwall, England and studied illustration. 

During this course he won a competition by designing wine labels and produced artwork for his very first record cover. Completing the course with distinction he set himself up as a full time freelance artist. His first job was producing monthly cover illustrations for a magazine. He went on to produce a wide variety of artwork for book and magazine publishers. Working alongside writers and poets. He produced record covers for record companies and musicians. Worked for marketing companies, wild life trusts and tourist attractions etcetera. In recent years he has provided jigsaw puzzle and game companies with his colorful, detailed and imaginative art. 

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Diamond Painting: Graeme


Graeme Stevenson is best known for producing stunning images featuring a variety of wildlife and landscapes. Born in New South Wales, Australia, he began painting and studying animals at a young age. As he grew up, he explored the vast expanses of Australia, photographing, drawing and eventually painting the exotic animals of that country. Now living permanently in the United States, he continues to paint animals. Stevenson's art can be found on a variety of products, from puzzles to posters.
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Diamond Painting: Hannah Lynn

Hannah Lynn

I am a self-taught American artist, working out of my home studio in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I have been selling my artwork online, at events, and through licensed products since 2006.

My childhood took place in Northern California, where I first discovered my passion. Like many artists, I have been obsessed with drawing and coloring ever since I can remember! Everything was right in the world when I got a new coloring book and a fresh box of colored pencils or crayons. It has always been a part of me: my first paid freelance job was back when I was just 11 years old (providing a colored pencil drawing of an American Bald Eagle for my science teacher's son as a birthday gift); I was the dedicated artist in every school group project; and after school I was the girl knocking on your door trying to sell you hand-drawn bookmarks for 50 cents each! When I wasn't at school, doing homework, or doing chores, I was drawing, writing, reading, or making something. I am a completely self-taught artist and earned my Associate's Degree in Business in 2007. I am thrilled to be able to share my talent with the world and to make it my living!

My original artworks are created by hand, using watercolor pencil and ink on illustration board, using traditional materials and techniques. Sizes range from miniature (2.5"x3.5" up to 11"x14", although I can go a bit larger). At times I do work in acrylics on wood which allows me to paint a bit larger and use different techniques. I also do all of my own graphics for internet and product usage, and produce a lot of my own prints and products in-studio, and self-publish my own coloring books and trading cards. I currently license my artwork to outside companies for use on products such as cross-stitch charts, stationary, rubber stamps, and more. I love being able to offer my artwork on products I know people will use and enjoy!

Fans have been collecting my artwork from sites like eBay and Etsy for many years now, and hundreds of my original paintings and prints can be found in numerous personal collections all around the world. My fans are very special to me because I wouldn't be where I am today without their support! I look forward to a wonderful future of licensing more products, illustrating books, and painting more fun characters and artwork for all to enjoy :).   

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Diamond Painting: Ingrid Tusell

Ingrid Tusell

I am a self-taught Spanish artist. From a very young age I was fascinated watching my father, a drawer by profession, in his studio, and how he concentrated so much on his work that he seemed to disappear from the world.
I started painting inspired by thee landscape when I moved to the countryside, pregnant with my first child. I found a world to explore, full of powerful women connected to nature who left us a message. In my paintings the life-death-life cycle appears as a reminder to connect with the cyclical process of nature, feathers, flowers, skulls and animals of power inspire my work.
In 2016 I began to exhibit in galleries in the United States and I have done several Solo Shows, my works are in the homes of collectors around the world, something that makes me believe in what I do and continue.

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Diamond Painting: Jan Patrik Krasny

Jan Patrik Krasny

He graduated from the Secondary Art School in Brno (1973) and the AVU in Prague (1982).

In his work, he initially focused on comics and free creations, and later on book illustrations. He has collaborated with a number of Czech and foreign publishers, focused on the science fiction and fantasy genres.

His work is represented in the digital art anthologies Spectrum, Expose, Exotique and Phantasia.
With his illustrations he also contributed to books ‘How to Draw and Paint Dragons’ and ‘The Dragon Chronicles – Labyrinth of Fire’.
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Diamond Painting: Jasmine Becket Griffith

Jasmine Becket Griffith

Jasmine is a traditional acrylic painter, combining elements of realism with fantasy and the surreal. Historical and spiritual references are intertwined with fairytales and the beauty of nature. Her trademark liquid eyed maidens evoke a wide range of emotions and responses to the surrounding imagery. It is her goal to bring a bit of magic and intrigue to the mundane world with every painting!

Jasmine's images appear in many books in magazines as well as countless merchandising lines such as the Bradford Exchange, the Hamilton Collection, dolls with Ashton-Drake and her lines with Disney. Her paintings appear in public and private collections throughout the world.

Jasmine was born in 1979 and began showing her work professionally in 1997.

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Diamond Painting: Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor

Wildlife illustration has taken Jason from the icy expanses of the Arctic to the scorching heat of California deserts, from the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean to the cloud forests of New Zealand. His work spans a wide range of publications, from cheerful, colorful books for young children to the exacting standards of encyclopedias and scientific illustrations.
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Diamond Painting: Jean-Marc Janiaczyk

Jean-Marc Janiaczyk

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Diamond Painting: Jody Bergsma

Jody Bergsma

Jody has a diverse painting style that has developed over the years and thousands of paintings. Her first works were charming children's illustrations that she sold at Northwest art shows to pay for her education.

Jody's watercolor technique is self-taught. Her engineering degree is reflected in her compositions and demonstrates Jody's love of math and geometry. She seamlessly blends these elements with her imaginative inner visions to create her unique style.

She is often asked why she uses aboriginal, native and geometric symbols. Her ongoing studies have introduced her to many ancient cultures and the beauty of their designs. By working respectfully with these images, Jody is participating in the meaning of our history and reintegrating their symbols into our modern culture.

I propose that humanity shares a common reality, just beyond the reach of normal sight. Images are emotions, those that are invisible but felt... inaudible but known. There are moments when we are acutely aware of existence... like the feeling of exultation when standing on the edge of a mountain, or atop a crescent moon. Each man's physical adventure is unique, but the abstract language of feelings, and our realization of existence is our common experience. My paintings are part of my personal adventure. Memory simplifies the setting. I no longer see the edge of the mountain, but I do see the feelings it has evoked.

Art is a tradition that helps define who we are and provides a vision of what we can become. My painting is my expression and my request for a more beautiful, peaceful and harmonious world.

I wish you an endless childhood,
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Diamond Painting: Johanne Pacers

Johanne Pacers

Johanne, a 33-year-old creative spirit hailing from Texas, channels her deep love for animals into her vibrant artistic endeavors. With a fervent passion for both modern and digital art, she specializes in crafting digital masterpieces that are not only colorful, but also a feast for the eyes. As an American artist, Johanne's unique pieces are a celebration of her talent, originality, and her affection for the animal kingdom.
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Diamond Painting: John Clark

John Clark

I began painting in pastel in 1985 as a natural progression from drawing, which I had been doing for as long as I could remember. Two years later, I moved to the Cayman Islands, where I lived with my family for fourteen years. The colors of the Caribbean stimulated my artistic senses and invited me to capture the turquoise sea and bright pink bougainvillea on paper and canvas. The Cayman Islands art community welcomed me, private collectors and institutions purchased my work, and I participated in numerous visual arts exhibitions and group shows, winning several awards. The Cayman Islands is a British dependent territory and my status in the art community has given me the opportunity and honor to meet members of the Royal Family.

I began using acrylics towards the end of my time in the Cayman Islands, and now that I live in England, I paint almost exclusively with this technique. Acrylics combine the strength of color with technical simplicity, and because of their durability, I know that when I ship originals around the world, they will arrive in perfect condition.

One of the advantages of living in Europe is being able to travel to countries like Italy and France. I feel fortunate to have been able to paint some pastoral scenes from Tuscany and Provence in between my more typically tropical works for galleries in the Caribbean and collectors in the United States.

In 2013, I began painting scenes of Kauai, to be exhibited and sold through the Palms Gallery. It was a great privilege for me to be selected to be the gallery's first international artist, and there can be no better inspiration for an artist than to have the most naturally beautiful landscapes on the planet as their subject matter, and a gallery in the midst of it all where their work can be displayed and enjoyed. Today, my days begin with a blank canvas in front of me and images of stunning waterfalls, rugged mountains, pristine beaches and swaying palm trees just waiting to be painted.
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Diamond Painting: Julia Catleen

Julia Catleen

Originally from Iowa, Julia Catleen is an artist specializing in digital art, whose talent and passion for colorful illustrations have quickly made her a rising figure in the contemporary art world. Born in 1997, Julia showed a particular affinity for drawing and creation from an early age.

As a teenager, she turned to digital art, a medium that enabled her to explore new ways of expressing her vision of the world. Digital tools have opened up an infinite range of possibilities for her, enabling her to blend traditional and modern techniques, creating a distinctive and instantly recognizable style.

Her works, often imbued with a vibrant palette of colors, tell stories that cross genres and eras, combining the ancient and the modern, the real and the imaginary. Their main characteristic is undoubtedly their ability to evoke intense emotions through the simplicity of form and the complexity of color.

In 2023, at the age of 26, Julia joined the Oraloa artists. Joining this group enabled her to expand her network and collaborate with other talented artists, enriching her own work.

In addition to her career as an artist, Julia is also a fervent advocate of art education, believing that digital art offers unparalleled opportunities for the next generation. She regularly runs workshops and seminars, sharing her expertise with emerging young talent.

Today, Julia Catleen continues to push the boundaries of her art, constantly seeking to evolve and innovate. With the support of the Oraloa collective and the growing recognition of the artistic community, the future looks bright for this undeniably talented Iowa artist.
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Diamond Painting: Julia Spiri

Julia Spiri

Julia Spiri is an artist with a unique style and talent. She puts so much detail into every drawing, making them a delight to color and bring to life. If you love the world of fantasy and magic then her art is definitely for you.

Julia works as a freelance artist, and painting is her full-time job. Julia has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. For many years she has painted portraits, and illustrations. She has illustrated a range of coloring books and children's story books. Her style is influenced by Whimsical, Fantasy Art, and Pop Surrealism.

Julia lives near Barcelona in Spain, and she has 3 big german shepherds.

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Diamond Painting: Julianne Pacers

Julianne Pacers

Julianne Pacers was born in the bustling city of San Francisco, California, in 1992. The metropolis's vibrant arts culture and proximity to natural wonders like the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Nevada mountains deeply influenced her as a young child. The blend of urban life and natural splendor became a recurring theme in her artwork, molding her into the artist she is today.

Educational Background
Julianne took her passion for art to the next level by attending a prestigious art school in the United States, where she specialized in illustration and painting. The school's rigorous program and mentorship from accomplished artists helped her refine her skills and instill a professionalism that is evident in her works today.

Artistic Style
Julianne's unique style fuses her love for animals with an illustrative flair. She is renowned for her detailed portrayals that don't just capture the physical appearance of the animals she paints but also their spirit and personality. Her pieces often incorporate elements from their natural habitats or abstract backgrounds that speak to the emotional resonance of the subject.
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Diamond Painting: Julie Buibui

Julie Buibui

My first name is Julie, and I am known as BuiBui.

Originally from the shores of Lake Geneva, I have settled in the Ain, next to a weeping willow. I live there with my lover, my pretty daughter, my pretty boy, a lot of paper, a lot of paint and a lot of pencils.

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a pencil in my hand.

Having studied Art History (mainly of the 20th century) in high school, I obtained a Baccalaureate in Plastic Arts in 2005 and then did a very brief stint at the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon. The teaching practiced was not made for me!

Since then I paint, glue, draw and color constantly, always looking for new ideas and techniques. It is a necessity!

Inspired by children's illustration, singular art, street art culture and primitive arts, I work to develop a personal and poetic universe that is an invitation to travel, in worlds populated by melancholic creatures, and in which time often seems to have stopped.

Based mainly on the human figure (often female) and nature, my work mixes false naivety, colors, patterns and other heady intertwining that are like so many paths in the course of our thoughts.

My characters and other landscapes each have a singular story that I tell myself while giving birth to them, and I like the viewer to imagine it in turn...


Lately I mix paint, acrylic inks and markers. I frequently add colored pencil and use my precious rotring and staedler pens (refillable pens for technical drawing). I have used gouache and pen a lot in the past and am always looking for new techniques.

Having worked a lot on canvas frames, I have recently moved on to smoother surfaces such as wood and paper.

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Diamond Painting: Julie Courchesnes

Julie Courchesnes

Julie Courchesne draws her inspiration from life's simple pleasures. She creates works that evoke the memory of an era and that make you smile. Moreover, the combination of drawing and painting brings a singular perspective to her paintings. All of her works have a light, sketchy feel to them and they come to life with vibrant colors and unique textures.

Art has been a part of Julie's life since she was a child and it was during her high school years that she took her first oil painting classes. With time and university studies, art and painting were temporarily put aside. However, as soon as she completed her courses she returned to her passion and explored a new medium, acrylics, which she still uses today.

For Julie, her real breakthrough came from a visit to an art gallery in Quebec City in 2013. She was immediately drawn to this artistic field. From then on, painting would take a very special place in her life. Since then, she uses a self-taught method and paints on a daily basis.

Julie is a passionate artist for whom a life without painting would be unimaginable, grey and empty. Art gives her a balance in her daily life and she uses this attachment to free her creativity and express her emotions. This flame, which art represents in her eyes, allows her to escape, to stop time and to live fully the present moment.

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Diamond Painting: Kosmiic's Kollection

Kosmiic's Kollection

Kosmiics Kollection art was inspired through her love of spirituality and the cosmos. Ever since she was young she has always wanted to create. During the 2019 lockdown, she decided the best way to express her creativity through hard times,  was to combine her artistic capabilities with her love for technology, and created artistic pieces only using an iPad.

Since then, Kosmiics Kollection has made detailed pieces that venture through the universe.  
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Diamond Painting: Kovallino


Kovallino is a Japanese artist specialized in manga drawing. He was born on January 3, 1978 in Kumamoto, Japan. He started his career in the manga industry in 1994 by submitting short stories for a contest organized by a famous Japanese magazine. He won the contest and started to publish short stories in many magazines around the world.
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Diamond Painting: Larienne


Larienne, known by many as the "Melancholic Storyteller," weaves a tapestry of tales using the hues of witches, spookies, and elements from the retro era. With each brushstroke, she evokes nostalgia and awakens dormant emotions, transporting viewers to mystical realms where the boundaries between the supernatural and the everyday blur. Her distinctive style blends the vintage aura of the past with the fantastical, capturing the essence of the ephemeral moments that linger between dreams and reality. Drawing inspiration from moonlit nights and rainy whispers, Larienne is more than just an artist; she's a beacon for souls lost in the modern age, yearning for a touch of magic. 🌧🌙.
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Diamond Painting: Lars Stewart

Lars Stewart

Lars Stewart turned his passion for photography in the year 2015 into his profession. His works are colourful photographic montages in which he combines classical photography with digital art. Lars Stewart lives in US state Washington. He works together with his wife and artist colleague Aimee Stewart at the Foxfire Studios.
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Diamond Painting: Laure Marchand

Laure Marchand

I was born in the Bouches du Rhône and spent my childhood between the beautiful forests of Burgundy, my mother's country, and the garrigue of Marcel Pagnol.
As a child I wanted to be Snow White, Cinderella, to get lost in Wonderland or sometimes to be able to wriggle my nose like my beloved witch while daydreaming in front of Sarah Kay's illustrations.

I had long since invented a fairy world where I could take refuge at leisure.

"Then she fell into a long, long sleep..."


I drew as all children draw but without knowing that it would become a real passion.

I am self-taught and I started to draw mainly landscapes and still lifes. Drawing attracted me a lot but I was never completely satisfied with my "subjects of study".
One day I drew a little elf in a landscape and it seemed so natural to me that I continued on this path.
Since then, I dedicate my drawing to all these little characters that accompanied me in my childhood and that I had so much pleasure to find. I now like to bring them to life on a sheet of paper.
I have continued to combine my passion for drawing with the fairy world and my passion for certain periods of history.

My inspirations are quite varied but often revolve around the fairy or the fantastic since I appreciate as much the softness of the illustrations of Meredith Dillman or Delphine Gache as the darker drawings of Tim Burton or Barbara Canepa.

I have been working for 20 years in the field of professional training for adults and I have been a freelance illustrator since 2008. I reconcile my time between a very rewarding job, my family life and my passion for drawing.

Keeping a part of magic and childhood is vital for me.

I will end with my favorite quote:

"What makes a poet? Is it not love, the desperate search for the slightest ray of sunlight playing on the floor of a child's bedroom?
François Mauriac.

My work as an illustrator
I dreamed my engravings as kisses of prince, a little naive and childish, they address your inner child, the one who deep inside you, never really grew up.

Filled with melancholy, they speak to you of lost worlds, of the melodies of your childhood that have been lost forever.

Sometimes you will bite the poisoned apple, other times it is a frog that will wake you up. Often, it is little woodland fairies who look you in the eyes and say:


My illustrations are made with different techniques, either traditional, watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil; or digital painting in Photoshop. I always try to distill magic and softness in my way of painting, whether it is traditional or digital.
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Diamond Painting: Laure Phelipon

Laure Phelipon

Laure Phelipon has always drawn, she has a naive and colorful universe, drawing is, for her, a way to look at the world from the angle of softness and joy.
Laure is an illustrator for children and older children since 2010.

She has illustrated books for Robert Laffont, Hemma, Jouvence, Hachette, coup d'oeil.

She also has a store where she sells fabric coupons.

Laure is happy to offer her illustrations for diamond painting.
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Diamond Painting: Liliia


Liliia is an American illustrator who works in a variety of media, including gouache, acrylic, and digital, to create varied textures and lighting effects in her work. Her themes range from cityscapes, landscapes, still life, to decorative motifs. Her images are perfect for many products such as puzzles, collectibles, calendars and greeting cards.
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Diamond Painting: Line Paquet

Line Paquet

I am an artist...

This means I live in a fantasy world, filled with unrealistic expectations...

So here I am...

Sometimes a painter, sometimes an illustrator

But a creator at every moment...

Every day is a magnificent journey driven by passion...

And to conclude with these words:

"I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream" (Van Gogh)

Welcome to my universe

Line P.
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Diamond Painting: Lucia Van Den Berg Oraloa.

Lucia Van Den Berg

Lucia van den Berg, hailing from a small town in the Netherlands, found her love for art in her childhood, inspired by the beautiful tulip fields and windmills surrounding her home. The vivid colors and the quiet beauty of her homeland became a constant source of inspiration for her art. Van Gogh's enchanting representations of the Dutch countryside had a profound influence on her, along with the intricate patterns and symbolism in Gustav Klimt's works. However, Lucia's passion for art was not limited to the local scenery. As a young adult, she embarked on numerous travels, exploring diverse landscapes around the world. Her works, primarily created with wood pencils and occasionally combined with digital art, reflect the diverse environments she has encountered. Her piece "Macaw Family" draws from her time in South America, where she was captivated by the vibrant colors and sounds of the jungle. "Mountain Escape" and "Field of Fragrance" are testaments to her travels through Canada and France, respectively, while "Sakura no Tancho" was inspired by a visit to Japan, where she fell in love with the serene beauty of traditional Japanese architecture and the country's symbolic crane and cherry blossom trees. Despite her talent, Lucia remains a relatively unknown artist. She has always preferred the quiet solitude of her travels and the comfort of her small studio in the Netherlands to the limelight. She continues to travel and create, driven not by the desire for recognition, but by the joy of capturing the world's beauty in her art. Her works, each a snapshot of a time and place, are cherished by those lucky enough to stumble upon them.


Country of Origin: The Netherlands

Influences: Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, her Dutch heritage, her travels, and her passion for exploring the natural world.

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Diamond Painting: Makiko


Makiko was born in Nagoya, Japan. After studying design at Nagoya Girl's University, she worked as a freelance designer for several textile printing companies.
She went to the United States to study English and graphic design, where she met her husband and has since moved to Belgium. She took the illustration course while raising her son.
For nearly 25 years, she has worked as a freelance illustrator for greeting cards and children's publications in Europe and Japan.
She loves nature and animals, and her inspiration comes from the innocent movement of animals and children. And for her, animals are a good way to convey a message and an emotion.
She likes to be part of this magical world.
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Diamond Painting: Maria Chetkareva / Oraloa DSG

Maria Chetkareva / Oraloa DSG

Maria Chetkareva is an illustrator distinguished for her ability to craft magical and fairytale worlds that capture the imagination. With a knack for vivid color palettes and an intricate style, her works offer glimpses into the mystical, invoking a sense of wonder and awe.

From a young age, Chetkareva showed a keen interest in art, often immersing herself in drawing and painting. Her parents, both artists, were instrumental in nurturing her skills. Their shared love for storytelling imbued her with a deep appreciation for narratives, which would later become the backbone of her illustrious career.

After high school, she pursued a degree in Fine Arts, honing her craft under the tutelage of some of the finest artists in the industry. Post-graduation, Chetkareva plunged into professional illustration, merging her passion for art and storytelling. She channeled her unique visions into creating elaborate illustrations that effortlessly transported viewers to different realms.

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Diamond Painting: Mariaeva Cardoso

Mariaeva Cardoso

Marieva Cardoso is a Spanish artist specialized in digital art of steampunk style. She lives today from her passion for art. Mariaeva is currently creating illustrations for novels and video games.
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Diamond Painting: Marie Antoinette Cailao

Marie Antoinette Cailao

Marie Antoinette is a young Filipino artist born and raised in Manila. From a very young age, she showed great interest in art and spent most of her free time drawing and painting. After graduating from high school, Marie Antoinette decided to continue her studies at a renowned art school in the Philippines, where she studied illustration and painting techniques.

Over the years, Marie Antoinette developed her own distinctive style of illustration, blending traditional Filipino influences with modern and contemporary styles. She quickly made a name for herself in the adult and children's illustration industry, and has worked on numerous projects for local and international clients.

Marie Antoinette is known for her attention to detail and her ability to capture the essence of a story or character through her illustrations. She is also known for her work with bright, vibrant colors, which capture the attention of children while capturing the imagination of adults.

Aside from her work as an illustrator, Marie Antoinette is also active in the Filipino art community and works with organizations to help promote the arts and art education. She also organizes illustration workshops for local children to encourage them to pursue their artistic passions.

Today, Marie Antoinette is considered one of the most talented and promising illustrators in the Philippine art scene, and continues to inspire and amaze people with her creative and colorful work.
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Diamond Painting: Marion Lepage

Marion Lepage

Illustrator, painter, poet... I'm a multi-hatted, joyful and colorful artist artist at heart! After studying literature and obtaining my Master's degree in Teaching, I redirected myself towards my childhood passions. my childhood passions, to devote myself entirely to them. It was during my first parental leave that I took up drawing again, to the delight of my two children.
Self-taught, I explored a wide range of techniques, and drew a lot, before creating "my way" my own way".My style? Close to naive art... It's colorful, lively, full of contrasts, deliberately disproportionate, enchanting, sometimes funny, sometimes poetic! A great lover of animals, I love depicting them... and especially Mimie, my little black and white cat, who has become the effigy of my business, and of my brand "Marion-nette Illustrations", created in 2017.
Each of my illustrations is imagined and created with great love and passion. I often say that my art, "is the expression of my overflowing heart". More than just an image, it's a powerful tool for transmitting values and resources.
Sometimes we go through difficult times, and that's when we particularly need tenderness, acceptance, forgiveness, joy, sparkle & twinkling eyes! This is what through my illustrations.
Today, I'm delighted to be able to share them with you, through diamond painting, cross stitch, the Oraloa pixel hobby and puzzles.
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Diamond Painting: Maud Lamoine

Maud Lamoine

In love with arts since my childhood, it is quite naturally that I turned to the illustration for the children's literature, in order to make travel young and old on the end of my pencils.

Very curious, infinitely dreamy, a bit lucky...

I enjoyed learning and practicing many different techniques, watercolor, pastel, collage, ink, photography and many others that offer me a wide horizon.
I like to combine several techniques, because in Art as in life there is no greater strength than the mix.
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Diamond Painting: Melanie Oliveira

Melanie Oliveira

Melanie Oliveira, born in 1997 in the heart of Switzerland, has always been passionate about art and expression. From an early age, she found her voice in the various forms of art she encountered. Her journey through the world of creativity has been both fascinating and unique.

Melanie’s love for art blossomed during her formative years. Encouraged by her art-loving parents, she was exposed to various art forms, including painting, sculpture, and digital arts. Her fascination with artistic portraits, however, set her apart from her peers. Capturing the intricate details of the human face and soul through her art became her passion, making her dedicate her life to it.
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Diamond Painting: Mine Azimutée

Mine Azimutée

"Marianne Berger, aka Mine Azimutée, is a French freelance illustrator. She started in 2008, but her passion for drawing goes back a long way... As soon as she could hold a pencil!

She entered the world of illustration by drawing children's books, and today works for a wide variety of clients and media: children's publishing, textile illustration, logo design, personalized portraits for individuals, etc...
According to Marianne, when you're lucky enough to be in this profession, you can constantly diversify your creative projects, so you're happy to get up every morning to draw!

Her love of animals and nature has undoubtedly influenced her graphic style, which she defines as "gentle and poetic... always with a touch of humor".
And when she puts down her pencils, Marianne indulges in her second passion, Karate! "
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Diamond Painting: Misstigri


Valérie Moigne aka Misstigri is an independent artist based in Nantes, where she also runs a small boutique.
After a Bac F12 in applied arts and a BTS in interior architecture, she went on to study design at the Beaux-Arts. Despite an attempt at architecture, her passion for images took over and led her to set up as a freelance graphic designer in 2000. Her work being driven by the constraints of her clients, she sought an escape by starting to paint, giving birth to the female characters that would become her trademark "Les Misstinguettes".

Today, as a graphic designer, illustrator and painter, she draws her inspiration from painting, with influences such as Klimt, Mucha, Shiele and Pignon Ernest, as well as from comic strips (Bilal, Manara, Dautremer), fashion (Lacroix, Gaultier, Miyaké, etc.) and animated films (Burton, Miyazaki, etc.).

Her technique begins with a sketch, which she then reproduces on canvas. Like a schoolteacher, she builds up the outline of the drawing with chalk. She shapes, evens out and then erases with the back of her blouse anything that interferes with legibility... The base is in place.
Skin, clothes, hair, then coarse acrylic shading. Precise shadows, volumes and bold pastel shadows. A touch of precision for finishing touches with posca (gouache felt-tip) and 3D paint (tulip). If the damsel comes to life, she embellishes her toilette with feathers, lace or ribbons...

Today, she's a household name, considered a benchmark in her field by many ...
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Diamond Painting: Monica Morisson

Monica Morisson

Monica Morisson, a illustrator from Manitoba, Canada, was born in 1985. Monica's artistic journey began during her childhood, with her artistic potential clear from the get-go. Endless hours spent drawing and painting, coupled with an inborn talent and a keen eye for detail, made it evident that she would take her skills far beyond the mere confines of a hobby.

Monica’s work is distinguished by her innate understanding of childlike wonder and an uncanny ability to depict complex emotions and narratives through simple, yet captivating, visual elements. Her creations are often described as whimsical, vibrant, and filled with palpable energy, evoking a sense of enchantment.
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Diamond Painting: Nadia Strelkina

Nadia Strelkina

The artist Nadezhda Strelkina was born and raised in the village of Fedoskino near Moscow. Strelkina is her surname in marriage, and in girlhood she is Burbysheva. The Burbyshev family gave several generations of famous Fedoskino artists. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, Nadezhda's great-grandfather owned a small factory called Burbyshevskaya Workshop, which produced painted lacquer snuff boxes, silver cigarette cases, cups, etc. The 1917 revolution made private entrepreneurship impossible and the "Burbyshevs' workshop" closed down. However, the dynasty of Burbyshev Zakhar Timofeevich was continued by his sons, Semyon and Dmitry, who were the leading artists of the Fedoskino artel in Soviet times. Nadezhda Strelkina's father, Viktor Semyonovich Burbyshev, was among the best artists of the Fedoskino factory of miniature painting and worked there for over 40 years. Having graduated from the Fedoskino school of miniature painting Nadezhda also continued the dynasty of artists.

Her talent for painting manifested itself very early. She considers her main teachers in art to be the old classical masters. Inspired by them, as well as by old Russian fairy-tale and spiritual legends, she creates images that awaken kind and bright feelings in the viewer. Nadezhda's artistic style is unique and makes her works immediately recognizable. The manner of her writing is very delicate and is famous for the soft, delicate depiction of faces as if glowing from within. This is the embodiment of the Russian ideal of female beauty. Nadezhda Strelkina's artworks are in the Museum of the Fedoskino Factory, and in many private collections in Russia and abroad. In 1997, Nadezhda's arts were licensed in the United States and immediately gained immense popularity. The largest souvenir company "The Bradford Exchange" released a series of music boxes, porcelain plates, Christmas tree decorations, etc. called "Symphony of Angels". For this series, Nadezhda was awarded the "New Name of the Year" crystal cup.

And since that time Nadezhda has been cooperating with various companies. Her artworks can be seen on various products (postcards, calendars, puzzles, Christmas tree decorations, collectible plates, music boxes, etc.) in virtually any country in the world. Thanks to the opportunity to earn money selling her images for licensing, Nadezhda was able not to sell the originals of her artworks and, having accumulated a large collection, was able to fulfill her old dream - to open her own private museum in the homeland of Russian lacquer boxes in the famous village of Fedoskino. The museum's collection includes more than 40 works of lacquer miniatures (boxes, caskets, wall panels), created by Nadezhda for the last 20 years.

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Diamond Painting: Nancy Fournier

Nancy Fournier

I am a self-taught painter. I started painting in oils, exploring different techniques. Not finding what I was looking for, I continued to draw for my own pleasure and turned to graphic design for over 20 years, where I explored different visual styles. That's where my style emerged. This change led me to return to the country and devote my time to my family life.

This other path allowed me to find a style of artistic expression that reflects my colorful, spontaneous and gentle side. Inspired by the animal kingdom and the human, I like to paint my subjects in a decor of movement and very colorful vegetation. A setting that amazes and transports you into a dream, through the magical universe that emerges. I wish to touch this spark of magic present in everyone.

My works follow these steps of realization: I begin by producing an automatic drawing, then I let myself be inspired by the range of colors to be used and finally, I finish by a black line with Indian ink.

My art oscillates between Pop Art, psychedelic and naive art. My works express Joy and awaken us to the Space of Emptiness through their bright colors applied in flat with acrylic paint. I believe that the black lines surrounding each shape create a distraction for the mind, which creates an inner calm. In my opinion, the black lines represent the 0.001%* of our material reality, while the solid colors are Space. We believe we are separate from Space when separation is only a tiny part of reality as we understand it.

My works are distinguished by the absence of straight segments and the presence of continuous movement. They contain a multitude of forms, ranging from circles, many of which are concentric, to hearts and flowers that combine to form various mythical symbols.

* According to quantum physics our material reality represents only 0.001%, the 99.999% is the Space of the quantum vacuum, that is to say the unlimited.
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Diamond Painting: Naruokami


"What can I say about myself?

I was born in Belgium where I still live.

My taste for creation and drawing comes from my mother who introduced me to different creative hobbies and reading from a young age.

Once I started drawing, I didn't stop. I scribbled on anything and everything, even my school sheets.

My influences are numerous: comics and a bit more the manga universe, video games, movies and series, and of course, my readings. I am passionate about tales, myths and legends which are inexhaustible sources for my imagination.

As far as my studies are concerned, I started with a year in drawing before continuing in digital arts from which I graduated.

But afterwards, I refocused on illustration and comics where I can better imagine, express myself and feel myself.

In terms of my work, although I mostly color my illustrations on the computer, I am still an unconditional user of the paper format for my pencils, and I sometimes try watercolor.

I don't know what else to say, I hope you'll enjoy my work.

I thank Oraloa for the new experience and the adventure he offers me with this collaboration.


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Diamond Painting: Natasha Wescoat

Natasha Wescoat

Art is the heritage of Michigan native Natasha Wescoat, who comes from a family of artists, including painter Georgia O’Keefe. Natasha has been a full time acrylic painter beginning in 2004 after the birth of her second child. Since the launch of her career, she has sold over 1000 original works to private and corporate collections worldwide. Her art has been featured in ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and hit sitcom “The Middle” as well as Hollywood films like “Marley & Me”.

Her work is the subject of art education across the globe from Kindergarten to University and her career story has been referenced to in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling book “Crush It”, The Professional Artist magazine, and WCMU’s Michigan Documentary “One Person, One Idea”.

Natasha has also been a guest speaker/artist at national events such as SXSW Interactive, TEDxDetroit and Thriving Artist Summit. Natasha regularly exhibits her work in galleries across the country and the world, having shown everywhere from prestigious venues like the Ritz-Carlton to popular west coast galleries such as Thinkspace, 111 Minna gallery. Her are is licensed for home good and collectibles which has been available in stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more.  Natasha is ambitious in all of her creative ventures, as she is also the founder of Art Career Academy and the author of her first children’s book, “Charlotte Lively and The Not-So-Wicked Witch”.

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Diamond Painting: Nathalia Britto Narducci

Nathalia Britto Narducci

Nathalia is a Brazilian artist born in Brasilia and raised in a family of artists. She grew up admiring the art of her mother, who was a painter and sculptor, and began drawing and painting at an early age.

After graduating from high school, Nathalia decided to pursue her passion for art by studying illustration in college. She honed her drawing, watercolor and painting skills and developed a unique style.
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Diamond Painting: Nicky Boehme

Nicky Boehme

Nicky Boehme, a California native, always knew that painting would be her calling. She has been drawing and painting since she was a child. Nicky received her technical art training at the Oakland Art Institute in California and later became an art director for several national advertising agencies. It was during this time that she received numerous awards for her artwork, prints and posters as an illustrator and graphic designer.
Her years of painting experience have given her knowledge of dramatic lighting and the ability to transport the viewer to a particular place through her artwork, prints and posters. Through the mind's eye, Nicky's Boehme paintings will take you on a romantic adventure, whether it's a small secluded harbor or a refreshing mountain stream.
As an artist member of the American Society of Marine Artists, Nicky Boehme participated in the 8th National Exhibition sponsored by the Mariner's Museum in Newport News, Virginia. Her artwork, prints and posters are in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the country.
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Diamond Painting: Nini Coloring

Nini Coloring

Hello I am Amandine, my nickname is Nini, I am 33 years old, mother of two children. I live in the south of France.
I'm passionate about art therapy since 5 years now, I like to put in colors illustrations with colored pencils or watercolors. I also like drawing, I started in 2021 and I have created several coloring books.
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Diamond Painting: Olga


Born in Leningrad in 1966. Olga Suvorova is the daughter of the Honored Artist of RSFSR Igor Suvorov. She is the representative of the dynasty of Suvorov artists, which includes the three generations of St Petersburg artists: Olga’s father, Igor Suvorov, Natalia and Olga’s daughter - Ekaterina.

In 1998 Olga Suvorova graduated from Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts named after Ilya Repin, the workshop of A. Mylnikov.

Olga Suvorova has formed her authentic style of painting – historical costume portraits of personages in the style of various periods, such as the Renaissance and Rococo. Her work is reminiscent of the popular in the 20th century Saint Petersburg artistic movement ‘Mir Iskusstva’ (‘The World of Arts’) which was inspired with the art and culture of the 18th century.

The artist constantly participates in exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Her works are found in private collections in England, America, Germany, China, Russia and other countries.

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Diamond Painting: Oraloa Design

Oraloa Design

Oraloa Design concentrates a selection of artists around the world offering exclusive designs for Oraloa.
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Diamond Painting: Richard Cameron Morneau

Richard Cameron Morneau

Originally from Lac Beauport, Quebec, Richard Cameron Morneau is an artist at heart. Since his early childhood, this artist has been creating in various forms (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.). Today, as a circus artist, aerial acrobat, actor, make-up artist, public entertainer, illustrator and more, Richard brings the public into his world of dreams, by all means. For more than 20 years, this artist has been adding strings to his bow to bring a total immersion to his fantasy. The Peter Pan in him wants to take you to his own Neverland no matter what your age and especially encourages you to dream to keep your childish heart.
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Diamond Painting: Rosalyna


Rosalyna is a Mexican artist specialized in illustration. She was born in Mexico City in 1985 and grew up surrounded by Mexican art and culture. She studied illustration at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where she discovered her passion for traditional techniques such as watercolor but also in digital art.

After graduating, Maria Fernanda began her career working as an illustrator for magazines and children's books. Her favorite technique is watercolor, which she uses to create colorful and vivid illustrations that reflect her native culture.

Over the years, Rosalyna has developed her own distinctive style, which is characterized by expressive characters and richly detailed settings. Her illustrations have been used for books, magazines, posters, and children's illustrations.

Currently, Rosalyna continues to work as an illustrator and artist, and is considered one of the most talented artists of her generation in Latin America. She inspires young illustrators with her passion for Mexican culture, her virtuoso technique and her ability to tell stories through her work.
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Diamond Painting: Santhya Shenbagam Radhakrishnan

Santhya Shenbagam Radhakrishnan

Santhya Shenbagam Radhakrishnan is a self-taught illustrator, who was born and raised in a small village in Tamilnadu, India. Santhya has been drawing since she was a child, drawing on whatever paper or medium she could find. Despite this strong connection to art, Santhya originally pursued a career in Engineering, for 6 years. While reading children’s books to her daughter she fell in love with the artwork in these stories and found her connection to art again. She loves the freedom of expressing oneself and creating worlds through art. Santhya relentlessly pursued her passion for illustration and has been working on illustrating and designing children’s books for the past 4 years. She loves learning and exploring new techniques in her work, and uses a mix of traditional and digital mediums. Santhya currently lives in the UK with her husband, daughter, and their sweet dog, Brownie.
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Diamond Painting: Sarah Bibang

Sarah Bibang

Originally from Benin, Sarah is an independent artist who likes to touch different artistic styles. Discover her magical and colorful universe
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Diamond Painting: Sheena Pike

Sheena Pike

Sheena creates unique and colourful images that are inspired by many different topics. Captivating her audience with intricate details exploring everything from seasonal designs to nature, to animals and people; to surreal “Big Eye” characters, and lastly a fan favourite her best selling Lil Dragonz (as she calls them). She works with both traditional and digital mediums. Fascinated by colour since a young child she demonstrates its beauty by taking full advantage of the glorious palette of colours that our spectrum has to offer.   

Sheena was featured in Color Pencil Magazine Student Digest in the winter of 2015 issue and was invited back to the Magazine in 2016 to discuss her mixed media techniques. Sheena has also been in other publications and was Interviewed discussing her process of creation when creating fantasy images and her unique imagination.   Sheena was also interviewed  by product distributors such as PanPastel on her techniques and process. 

Sheena hopes to continue to captivate and create beautiful imagery finding her way into the imaginations and homes of many. 

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Diamond Painting: Simon Treadwell

Simon Treadwell

Born in 1961, Simon Treadwell has had a passion for drawing and painting since early childhood. He decided to become an artist at the age of fourteen, after discovering some of Max Ernst's works at the Guggenheim Museum. After high school, he specialized in classical studies at the European Institute of Design in Milan, then began working as an art director in several advertising agencies. As a freelance illustrator, he became a specialist in hyperrealism, employing mixed techniques: airbrush, oil paints, acrylics and watercolors. A little later, he began creating digital artworks with the help of his Mac, which is and always will be a very loyal friend. After working for many years as an illustrator in the advertising and publishing sectors, Simon has recently turned his attention to developing sublime works of art specially designed for Christmas products. Simon is constantly exploring his art and discovering new ideas and techniques to best illustrate the wonders of Santa Claus and his magical world. He currently lives and works in beautiful Tuscany.
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Diamond Painting: Sofia Miller Salazar

Sofia Miller Salazar

Sofía, was born in Mexico City in 1998. Art has always been her main passion in life. With her entire family practicing some form of art, from sculpting to painting, it's no wonder Sofia chose to become an illustrator. Her mother always emphasized self-expression and there was never a time in her childhood when she couldn't create. Sofia studied digital animation at the SAE Institute, where she discovered digital art, and has never looked back since. She believes she has always been amazed by the world as a child, which now translates into whimsical and colorful pieces with diverse and magical characters. In her spare time, Sofia enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors.
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Diamond Painting: Steve Crisp

Steve Crisp

For over 40 years Steve Crisp has been producing art and Illustrations. His biggest period was during the ‘Athena Poster’ era. He has worked for all the main publishing houses and is probably most famous for the covers of the Stephen King books and film posters including Aliens 2 & Mad Max.

The selection of art made available for Yolk is varied, Steve has concentrated on providing some unique PopArt images, available as Limited Editions and as fine art prints. In 2017 Steve was recognised as one of the key influential artists in the ‘Horror’ & ‘Fantasy’ art industry.
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Diamond Painting: Steve Read

Steve Read

Steve grew up in Cornwall and the coast has always been a huge influence and inspiration to him. He was fortunate enough to have Cornish Painter John Piper as his art teacher at school and through him gained a place at Falmouth School of Art in 1987.

He then went on to spend over a decade in the advertising and design industry, working in London and Amsterdam, before returning to the coast in 2003, to Dorset.

As an artist Steve has a recurring interest in coastal landscapes and marine scenes, and his paintings often convey a sense of anticipation at spending the day at the beach.

A great influence on Steve’s work has been the artwork associated with travel posters from the 1920’s and 1930’s where detail is kept to a minimum, and the use of flat colour and strong shapes created by light and shadow.

Another motivating factor for his art is colour – choosing to use a limited palette of desaturated, earthy hues.

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Diamond Painting: Tschandria


Hi, I'm Tschandria!

I'm an artist on the one hand and on the other hand I'm a truck driver lady. Somehow I live in two different "worlds" but I need this contrast of rough and filigree work. This inspires me!✨

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Diamond Painting: Vayounette


Who am I ?
Vayounette with a brush, with a passion for drawing. As far back as I can remember, I have always drawn (pencils, watercolors, etc.) I love to imagine fabulous worlds, filled with magic and wonder. I like to linger on details that will give my illustrations a little magic touch, that will make children's eyes shine.

Why do I turn to youth?

Because I have preserved my childlike soul. I like to see smiles on the faces of children and adults who discover my illustrations. I would like everyone to be able to recognize themselves through my drawings, for every adult to find the child in them. This little world is part of me and I hope it will touch you.

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Diamond Painting: Vicky Mitchell

Vicky Mitchell

Vicky is an American artist specializing in digital art. Her creations represent the dreams she has in her head, and she likes to share them with her public. Enter with Vicky into a world of dreams and enchantment.
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Diamond Painting: Willow Rivers

Willow Rivers

Willow Rivers is an introspective non-binary artist from the United States. Their art reflects influences of LGBTQ+ empowerment, nature, dreams, self-expression, vibrant colors, comic book art, and diverse cultural inspirations. Willow's distinct style showcases female figures with flowing, colorful hair that intertwines symbolic elements like flowers and butterflies. Their art ranges from detailed realism to dynamic comic book-inspired features, inviting viewers into a tranquil space of reflection. With a serene and contemplative essence, Willow celebrates individuality and fosters unity within the LGBTQ+ community. Through their captivating creations, they invite others to find solace and inspiration, sharing their artistic journey with a subdued and introspective charm.
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Diamond Painting: Yaakov Abergel

Yaakov Abergel

Born in France in Toulouse, the pink city, to Hananiah Abergel and Esther Malka (née Berdah). Second of three children.

Until his teenage years he lived in the countryside in St Ferréol. At the age of 12, his mother made him take violin lessons which he followed for two years, but he decided to stop music to devote himself to drawing and painting. His father, who was a furniture and antiques dealer and an art enthusiast, encouraged him to develop his taste for drawing. At the age of 12, he offered him an easel. This relationship that was born between them, that of an admirer of painters and a budding painter eager for advice and knowledge, continued throughout their lives.

At the age of 14, following the divorce of his parents, he left to live with his mother and two sisters in Toulouse. During this period he discovered the comic strip to which he will not cease to devote himself until the age of 22 years. During the years in Toulouse he searched for himself a lot, and in addition to a passion for photography and cinema he started to be interested in painting. After starting his scientific studies, he finally obtained an artistic baccalaureate which led him to enroll in the School of Architecture where he studied for two years. Before passing his exams to enter the third year he decided to abandon his studies and go to the St Luc school in Brussels, to the school of cartoon. During this period he discovers contemporary art and contemporary artists and decides to stop the comic book to devote himself to contemporary art.

He left to live in Italy, in Florence, in order to enroll in a painting school. When he enrolled, the director of the school, in view of his work, told him that he would be wasting his time studying and that the time had come to start living. He listened to his advice and began a solitary journey. After a year spent in Florence, he left the "Dolce Vita" to return to Toulouse where he passed the Beaux-Arts exam, but only stayed a few months at the Beaux-Arts, which he finally left to devote himself to painting. During his brief stay at the Beaux-Arts of Toulouse, he met Annie Merle who saw his work and chose him among the artists to whom she dedicated a book that she published entitled: "the painters of the Toulouse school".

Until the age of 27, he never stopped working, painting and drawing without ever managing to integrate himself into an artistic milieu, whether in the world of galleries or in the milieu of painters. Although he did not manage to exhibit his work, he continued his research. He was 27 years old and decided to earn a real living. His parents, who work in the furniture business, help him to become a salesman. At first he worked in his father's store, then his mother brought him with her to teach him the trade. After a difficult start, he acquired a good foundation that allowed him to leave and work alone in a store in Paris. He worked there for 3 years. During this period he continued to draw, mostly on the blocks used for sales. He painted a few pictures and made many drawings of the streets of Paris on his days off.

His older sister, who at that time had become a nun, sent him books on the deeper part of the Torah, on Chassidism, Habad and the Rebbe of Lubavitch.

During the vacations he made a trip to Tahiti and Bora Bora. This trip was to be decisive in his life because it reawakened his desire to paint and create to the point where, following this trip, he decided to resign from his job as a salesman to devote himself to painting. He then travels to Montreal, Canada to visit his younger sister who has been living there for some time. There he met Haim Sherff, an Israeli religious painter living in Montreal, who made him aware of the importance of being attached to one's roots and recommended that he become more religious by studying the Torah. Indeed, according to him, Art cannot be dissociated from the divine spirit expressed in the Torah. Yaakov listened to these recommendations and began a religious journey in parallel with his work as an artist, under the influence of the Master of Hasidism, the Rebbe of Loubavitch.

His new habits naturally lead him to pray every morning at the Synagogue of the Rue Pallaprat where the great Rabbi Eliahou Haik also prays, and on Shabbath at the Synagogue of the Rabbi's Shalia'h in Toulouse: Rav Yossef-Itz'hak Matusof, who was the first to introduce him to the Rabbi and to the Hasidic world. It was during this period that he discovered the book of Tanya with Rav Gabriel Sebagh. He also studied Chassidut Habad with Rav Israel Zerdun.

He returns to live in Toulouse. His mother met Dany Simon, who owned an art gallery and organized his first exhibition of works inspired by the religious world.

It was at this time that he met Liba through David and Edith Hagège, friends of his older sister, and married her on June 22, 1997 in Lyon. A year after his marriage the couple decided to join Yaakov's sister and her husband Samuel Marquès who had been living in Israel for a year and settled in Jerusalem.

He spends less and less time painting and drawing because he devotes himself to the study of Torah, first at the Yeshiva of Rav Chai Barkats and then especially at the Kollel of Rav Shimon Elitouv under the direction of Rav Avraham Kot. He spent 4 years at the Kollel and obtained his rabbinical ordination from Rav Itz'hak Yehudah Yeruslavski. It was during this period that he met a person who was to be a determining factor in his life, Rav Ytz'hak-Tsvi Eizenbakh, with whom he studied Chassidut for many years, particularly the book of Tanya. He attended many courses in Chassidut, including courses given by Rav Aaron-Mordechi Zilberstraum, Rav Chmuel Weinfeld, Rav Chneor-Zalman Gopin, Rav Avraham-Barukh Pevzner and Rav Moshe Weiner. He is especially attached to Rav Yosef-Itz'hak Offen whose courses he follows to this day.

His artistic taste naturally led him to study Sofrut in Bneï Brak with Rav Gerschtenkorn, who was recommended to him by Rav Moché Landau. He obtained the Smi'ha of Sofer from Rav Yeruslavski, which allowed him to practice the profession of Sofer until today by writing the Ktav of the Admur Hazaken.

He also obtained a Smi'ha of Cho'heth from Rav Shimon Elitouv, but apart from the Kapparoth that he did with his friend from the Kollel, Rav Yaakov Cho'hat, he did not practice this profession.

In 2000, his daughter 'Haya-Mushka was born in Jerusalem on Purim Katan.

He changed Kollel and began to study dayanut at Kollel 'Ariel' until today, with Rav Moché Pinder. He devoted himself more and more to painting and painted many portraits of the Masters of Habad. His work became more and more diversified and he began a series of seascapes on wooden pallets.

In parallel with his studies and artistic work, he devoted much time to writing books based on the teachings of the Masters of Habad and the Rebbe, and in particular on the essence of the soul. This subject will never leave him. He published 3 books.

In 2009, his two sons were born on Lag Ba Omer.

He continued writing a novel that he had started a few years earlier, bringing together memories of his travels (in particular his trip to Bora-Bora) and reflections on teshuvah. His work is entitled "Colors in the Veins" and reveals his passion for Art.

His sister organized an exhibition of his paintings in Raanana in the "Merkaz Giron" gallery. He was given the opportunity to present in large paintings a small overview of his work based essentially on the Chassidic world.

He then met Yaakov Benhaim and Moché Krieger from the magazine Meteor LeMag who devoted a video to this occasion. This meeting marked the beginning of a collaboration from which the realization of videos of Torah and Chassidut courses was born.

The diffusion of the sources of the Chassidut is at the center of his concerns and while continuing his studies he gives many courses around him. His artistic activity intensified and an incalculable number of drawings were added to his paintings.

His friend Nissim Belma put him in contact with his brother Elie, with whom he designed a website whose objective was to make his artistic work known and to spread the Sources of the Chassidut outside.

Since his exhibition in Raanana, he has taken the habit of writing excerpts from the Chassidic speeches of the Rebbe of Loubavitch on his paintings. Mixing words with images, the painter seems to be able to express his love for painting and writing which he unites on his canvases.

"You probably know that the quality of a painter consists in hiding the external aspect of an object, forgetting its contours, in order to penetrate it, to seize its deep aspect and its essence, in order to express it through his canvas. Thus, the one who contemplates it will perceive what he had not noticed before, when the inner part was hidden by accessory elements."

Rabbi of Lubavitch
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Diamond Painting: Zorina Baldescu

Zorina Baldescu

Romanian based artist, Zorina Baldescu has been working as a children’s books illustrator for a number of years now. She specializes in creating delightful fairy tale images featuring mermaids, princesses, fairies, unicorns and more. Zorina’s images have been licensed for jigsaw puzzles and stationery products worldwide. Her images are perfect for any young girls range.
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