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When you order a diamond embroidery you will receive the following: a high quality printed canvas, all the necessary diamonds but also a starter kit containing a stylus, tweezers, a piece of wax and a cup. You will be able to start without delay! This is valid for all our tables.

As diamond embroidery is mosaic art, the larger the embroidery size, the more detailed it will be .
Our tables have been made to have the best possible size and thus avoid pixelation as much as possible.
If you want another size or a personalization, do not hesitate to contact us.

The two types of diamonds serve the same purpose, but work differently. Round diamonds are easier to set and some beginners prefer them for this reason, but they leave between glimpses of the canvas, unlike square diamonds which must be set meticulously but a final bottomless finish.
If you choose diamonds round, no worries, our canvases are created with a colored background that minimizes bleeds.

Each canvas contains 2 AB colors minimum, whether for round or square diamonds.

The diamonds shine thanks to the facets cut on their sides. Diamonds are created with resin or premium acrylic.

All Diamond Painting kits include a canvas, without which the creation process would be impossible. The canvas is printed with numbers and symbols that match the diamond colors and DMC colors, no worries you are also provided with a printed guide . The canvas is covered with a layer of glue which allows the diamonds to adhere to it and to hold them once installed. The canvas is also covered with a plastic film to protect the canvas during the realization.

All the kits include various colors of diamonds necessary for the realization of the canvas. Each diamond color has a DMC code which is printed on the canvas as well as on the packaging of the diamond pouches. The more colors, the more detailed the embroidery will be.

This can unfortunately happen. The packaging of the kits remains a manual job. Don't worry. Send us an e-mail with the color codes, the quantity of missing bags and the corresponding order number. We will order the missing diamonds for you at no charge. Our email address to use in this case is: info@oraloa.com

Once after you have chosen your diamond embroidery and it has been delivered to your home, the next step is to learn how to make your Diamond Painting. The steps are easy to follow, here is a method to help you step by step in your first realization.

Before you start:

1. Prepare your space

Before you even start, you need to create a creative space where you can do without any interruptions, so that you have all the necessary equipment at your fingertips. so you can have a good time. Over time, favor a tilting plane in order to be more comfortable.

2. Organizing Your Kit

Before starting your Diamond Embroidery, an important step in making your canvas is to arrange your supplies in such a way as to be efficient. All kits have similar content, one of them being diamonds. It is important to store and sort the diamonds before starting to avoid any losses. Be organized :)

3. Understanding the Symbols

The next step is to understand the symbols and study them a little before you start. This will help you get an idea of ​​what the board will look like. We make sure to make our Diamond paintings with clear and easy to read symbols, so no worries.

Start embroidery:

4. Choosing Your First Diamonds

Once you have laid out your space and studied the symbols on the canvas, you can begin the embroidery by pouring the diamonds into your cup, shaking them a bit to make them line up facing towards the top. Organization is the art of success and fun.

5. Discover the canvas

Once you have placed the diamonds in the cup, remove some of the protective film from the canvas to begin your diamond embroidery. Do this as you go, but you can also replace the protective film with parchment or parchment paper, small squares are made to make your canvas as you go.

6 . Pick up the diamonds

Peel off the wax protection and prick your stylus into the pot of glue to fill the tip. Once you have done that, you can tap the head of the diamonds to pick them up. The diamonds will easily stick to the stylus. By sticking the stylus into the wax, you can glue dozens of diamonds without having to repeat the process.

7. Paste the diamonds on the canvas

Start gluing the diamonds on the canvas with the corresponding symbols but very gently, this will avoid damaging the diamond or the canvas. Don't worry, the quality of the glue of the canvas will allow the diamonds to set very well without effort.

8. Repeat the process

Glue all the diamonds on their respective area and repeat the operation until the canvas is complete.

9. Frame the canvas

Once the painting is finished you can keep it forever by framing and hanging it or if you end up collecting them gift them to your entourage or associations, I remind you, these are real works of art made by a budding artist;)

And now that you are addicted to Diamond Painting , all you have to do is order a new pretty canvas on Oraloa.com

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to help you.

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