Become our next ambassador and join our great team!

First of all, we would like to inform you that none of our ambassadors are subject to obligations.

We will take care to choose our new ambassadors according to Oraloa's values. We seek to build a united team, participating and able to exchange with us on the world of Diamond Painting.

You will understand, the goal is not only to share some information on social networks but to be by our side to promote and develop our brand. Our selection will be based on these main information.

Each of our Ambassadors will receive a complete Oraloa kit and instructions on how to start our new collaboration.

As ambassadors, you will be consulted regularly on the company's future collections and new products. We want you to test our products before putting them on the market.

Your opinions will be essential to us, and your feedback will be essential throughout our collaboration.

We do not expect a simple positive opinion from you, but constructive advice in order to constantly improve our products.

As you will have understood, we are looking for more than just ambassadors, it is a real long-term collaboration between us.

Here is an example of how to share your Oraloa experiences:

Create unboxing videos to share on your social networks.
Post photos and videos of our kits, our packaging and all other Oraloa products including the diamond paintings being created and the achievements that have already been completed.
Share the Oraloa brand on forums and other Diamond Painting groups
Share your experience with our team and represent the company to your followers.
Take part in our meetings and events when the distance allows it.

    Being ambassadors, don't give yourself all the rights. Certain points must be respected as a priority in order to maintain user-friendliness in our equipment:

    Exchange and speak with respect to each other. Respect each other's ideas and discuss in a friendly and positive way, we cannot always agree and our behavior must be examined.
    Never hire the company on your behalf, the right to be ambassadors does not mean that you are an employee of the company. If you do not have the answer to a question asked, it is important to contact the company in order to obtain prior notice to inform the customer.
    Always speak respectfully on social media and even when it is difficult, remember that as ambassadors you represent the company.

      We encourage dialogue and respect, if one of these rules is not respected, immediate sanctions can be taken against you. Remain calm, courteous and polite, no matter what, if you encounter any difficulties, you will always be by your side.

      Our ambassadors are specially chosen as representatives of the brand. Oraloa wants to create a warm, friendly and positive environment for all members of its community, including those who are not associated with an Ambassador title.

      Our top priority is to encourage self-expression and your creativity and thus to share these experiences within the community in the way you desire.

      Nothing will be imposed on you in terms of creation, just to respect the values of the company. We are looking to expand our team across different countries.

      Our goal is not the quantity but the quality of our ambassadors. We are ready to welcome positive souls and create very long term friendships and connections through Ambassador status.

      You have to know one thing, as ambassadors you are part of the Oraloa adventure and we will always be by your side for a very long time.

      Do you want to become a ambassador for Oraloa?

      Want to be part of a great team and spend some of your time by our side and have a real and great passion for diamond painting.
      Have an existing social media channel (Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube) with diamond painting content.
      Have active followers on your diamond painting social networks. We need at least 1500 subscribers on a given channel.
      Be proficient in social media and able to effectively communicate information about our brand online.
      Do you meet these requirements? If so, please apply below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
      We look forward to receiving your application to
      to join our Team and our beautiful diamond painting community!

      Ambassadors Oraloa

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