I have always been drawn to creative hobbies, to "art therapy" as one can often extend. My basic "thing" is coloring for adults. For many years I have enjoyed coloring designs, mixing shades, materials, letting my imagination and my creativity run wild.

 Oraloa pregnant

At the start of 2020 I got pregnant. Binoculars. We are not going to talk here about the year 2020, but given the context and my pregnancy "at risk" I was quickly confined to my home, with orders to rest between two medical examinations.

This is when diamond painting came into my life. Without understanding why I strayed from coloring for this activity. I needed to occupy my hands, but no longer the urge or the energy to pull out all my coloring materials and think about the mixtures of colors and materials.

A Youtube video presenting diamond painting? An advertisement on Facebook? I don't know anymore, but I ordered my first kit and the magic happened.

I completed my first canvas, then followed up on the second. Small to start. Then I bought my first large canvases. Round and square diamonds, I have tested and refined my tastes, a passion was born.

And diamond painting helped me, worn during my pregnancy. Because a bed-ridden pregnancy, with the only outings being medical examinations, is not easy to experience. I discovered the diamond painting community on Facebook, then Youtube, talked to new people, and a great adventure began.

A few months later, early, too soon, I gave birth. My daughters were born at six and a half months pregnant. Despite the rest, despite the medical visits where everything was fine.

Very premature babies are very small babies. Babies hospitalized for long weeks. Babies monitored, babies that cannot be hugged without the assistance of medical staff. And it is mostly babies that must be left in the hospital at night, because there is no possibility of sleeping on site in the neonatal department.

It's hard. Very difficult. I found myself more pregnant, but not really a mom. And the evenings are long. The days too. Uncertainties, stress, it was our daily life for many weeks.

The first days after birth nothing mattered. The days followed each other, with uncertainties, small victories, fears, smiles, tears.

And, without really understanding how, diamond painting has imposed itself on me again. The evenings without our babies were long, the nights too. So I took back my pliers and my stylus, and putting diamonds in it did me good, a lot of good. After a day in the hospital this activity occupied my hands and mind, allowed me to focus on other things, calm me down, and let time not stretch out. At least stretch less anyway.

Oraloa DP Twins

The "DP madness" started at this point. The discovery of new stores, the (very) numerous purchases, this activity was a therapy. Therapy to calm my anxieties, my sorrows, to help the time pass, to fill the wait.

The benefits of diamond painting have been numerous. The concentration required to practice this activity allowed me to clear my mind, calm myself down, manage my anxieties. The satisfaction of seeing a canvas come true, diamond after diamond, helped me move forward, to imagine where this finished canvas would go in the house. And what a joy to project yourself, even for a simple decoration, in a time when everything is uncertain, where we live from day to day, where every hour is a victory.

A few weeks later the four of us came home with our healthy babies. I have fond memories of those difficult times, and today I am proud of our daughters, proud of our family, proud of their struggle.

Today diamond painting is still a passion, an activity that I practice on a daily basis, which allows me to escape, to think about myself for a few minutes, during the naps of my girls. The term "art therapy" may make you smile, but during these difficult and uncertain times diamond painting has been therapy for me, and I hope to find comfort in this very calming activity for a long time to come. And I imagine myself sharing it with my daughters in a few years ...


Oraloa Twins